The Illustrated Guide to 3-Man

as told by Takhisis:

3-man is a drinking game that is rapidly becoming a tradition for DragonCon.
(We did it last year, and plan to do it next year...close enough to tradition for me.) For those of you just tuning in, we have put together a rule guide for the game so that everyone may be up and ready to play at next Con.

To start with, you need one pair of dice, a lot of alcohol, and some willing victims. You choose someone to be the "3-Man" (or 3-Woman if you want to be picky about it). The best way to do this is get someone who's never played the game (and hasn't read this guide) to volunteer for it.

The basic actions of the game are simple: you roll the dice. Certain rolls have certain actions. But the most predominant is this: every time there is a three in the roll (either the number three or a two and a one), the 3-Man has to take a drink. "A drink" equals a shot, or a healthy gulp of a mixed drink. If you roll double threes, the 3-Man takes two drinks.

If you roll a seven, the person to your right takes a drink. If you roll an eleven, the person to your left takes a drink. If you roll a ten, EVERYONE takes a drink. With me so far? Good, this is where it gets complicated.

If you roll doubles (two fours, two fives, etc.), pick up one of the dice and hand it to someone. That person has to take however many drinks is on the die. Pick up the second die and hand it to someone. This person must roll the die, add their roll to your original number and take THAT many drinks. However, this can backfire on you: if that person rolls the same number you did, you have to take the die back and roll it...add all THREE rolls and take that many drinks (a potential of 18). This sucks.

You keep rolling (and drinking) until you roll a combo that means nothing. At that point, you pass the dice to your right, and they roll, and debauchery continues. The 3-Man is stuck in that position until s/he has the dice and rolls a three. At that point, the 3-Man gets to wreak revenge and pick some other poor fool to be 3-Man.

The game continues until everyone passes out or otherwise can't stand up without falling on their asses. Good wholesome family fun for all! The lucky participants last year were: mfJames and Kesudar, artemis, Lochlann, Euronymous (briefly), and me..

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