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Taco Bell Astrology

By Ginger and Apoleia

Dec. 22-Jan 20
Capricorn: the Nacho Belle Grande--a elaborate nacho meal, earthy, materialistic, tight fisted, yet highly egotistical and sexual

Jan 21-Feb 19
Aquarius: the Mexican pizza--a layer of mystery, a layer of sarcasm, and a layer of obnoxiously bright fun!

Feb 20- Mar 20
Pisces: a Soft Taco with a lot of Lettuce and Mild Sauce--they are soft and ultrasensitive

Mar 21-April 20
Aries: the Stuffed Jalapenos--gotta get through the green shit to taste what's inside

April 21-May 21
Taurus: the Burrito--stubbornly redundant taste, and all those little annoying onions you bite into here and there

May 22- June 21
Gemini: the Gordita--comes across as new and curious, but has most of the same ingredients as everything else, and thrives on hype

June 22-July 23
Cancer: the Hard Shelled Taco with a Little Meat--because they have thick skins and tend to withdraw and it's hard to seek them out

July-24-Aug 23
Leo: the Taco Supreme--large and showy and expensive with lots and lots of ingredients

Aug 24-Sept 23
Virgo: the Taco Salad--basic ingredients, reliable and a practical meal, but not dull

Sept 24- Oct 23
Libra: the Choco-Taco--pleasing to the eye and tongue and very indulgent for the person who gets it

Oct 24-Nov 22
Scorpio: the Meximelt with Hot Sauce--a cheap but fulfilling date ...lots of cheese and lots of personality. The sauce gives you your sexual flare.

Nov 24- Dec 21
Sagittarius: the Beef Burrito--strong taste, and a strong opinion. But just wait 'til how you feel the gas hit

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