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Spin the Bunny Arm!

One of the original games played on #Alt.Vampyres that is still kept up occasionally today with much vigor when played, is Spin the Bunny Arm. The Bunny Arm is actually a Playboy Bunny's Arm. The poor Playboy Bunny was blown up when MrsFoo and Aery, Middnyte, and Ericah were blowing shit up in the channel one fine day. Ericah and Aery started pointing it at people, and MrsFoo spun it - and a game much like "Spin the Bottle" was created. Except, there are no gender exclusions. If you are male and it lands on male, you kiss da male! Shroud seems to have mastered the art of the game, and three logs of his kissing have been saved.

Artemis and Shroud

(Ericah) Artie, honey, spin de arm.
* artemis remembers her luck with the other arm.. kept landing on herself til she had to throw it out the fucking window :)
* artemis takes the arm and gently pushes it into circles.. lazilyspinning round and round
(Ericah) *and it spins*
(Ericah) *and it spins*
(Ericah) *and it slows to a stop*
(bowyn) ememmeemmemememememe!!!
(Linz) memememememem
(Ericah) *pointing at*
(Ericah) SHROUD
* bowyn pouts....
* Shroud grins at the goddess.
* artemis grins at ericah..
(Linz) hoooooooooooooNELLIE!!
(artemis) thank you ericah, i owe you for this!!!!!
(Aery) go artie!!!! Wooooo!
(Shroud) Mind if I kiss back Artemis?
* artemis gets all giggly like a girl iner legs to do the job..
(Ericah) woo woo!!!
(Aery) go artie! Woooo! Get him!!!
* artemis slides one leg and then the other across the floor, her lips still sweet with susi..
* bowyn falls off of his seat....
* artemis rises up along shroud's body.. sensuously..
* artemis runs her hands up along his legs, his sides, around his body..
* Linz 's jaw drops
* Shroud simply holds her in place, not letting her fall.
(Linz) woo hoo!
* SusiBrat whimpers as Artemis kisses another... *sigh*
* Linz snickerty snickers
* DarkRaven faints to the floor, a quivering mass of heat.
* artemis slides her fingers around behind shroud's neck.. fingers entangling in his hair as she pulls him forward towards her slightly turned head..
(Linz) wow.
* Linz melts into a puddle
* artemis turns her face up towards him.. leaning in with trembling lips..
* Shroud runs his hands across the small of her back. as he kisses each cheek, just passing her lips each time.
* DarkRaven softly crawls to the chair for support and agrees with Bowyn, this room is rising beyond tolerable levels of heat.
* artemis touches the soft skin of his lips barely.. feeling the lines and curves of the skin..
* Linz gasps for breath
* Shroud traces his finger down artemis's neck, then caresses her cheek.
* artemis then tugs at the hair entangled in her fingers, his face taken aback for a moment so that she can take advantage of his startled lips to press in hungrily..
* DarkRaven finally hoists herself up on the seat and grabs a soft pillow to hold close to her, slowly digging her nails into the seams of the pillow.....
* Shroud leans in kissing deeply, tasting Susi's last kiss still on her lips and tongue.
* artemis moans softly as their lips meet and savour each other.. tongues still tentative..
* Shroud pulls back just enough to bite softly at artemis's lower lip, then kiss her with more passion.
* DarkRaven sighs....
* Linz wonders will it never end? hot DAMN!
* artemis luxuriously enjoys the passion and sweetness of his mouth.. slowing down.. and pulling back with fingers still touching him..
* SusiBrat goes over to bowyn and cries on his shoulder.
(DarkRaven) Linz: The slowest kisses of passion, are always the best...
(Linz) dr: heh... don't i KNOW it!!!! *drool*
* artemis leans in for one final sweet kiss of the lips and then releases him.. backing away towards her chair..
* Shroud tenderly kisses artemis once more before letting her slip from his arms, alowly to the ground.
* DarkRaven grins and softly sighs, using the pillow to muffle her cries.
* artemis drops into her chair.. drained and grinning softly, dreamily.. wow...
(Aery) ok, get on with it, I wanna see more s-k-s!
* Ericah applauds
* artemis grins at aery.. heh..
* bowyn sighs.... and I got priest...
* Shroud smiles softly at the goddess and spins.
* DarkRaven applauds.
* artemis nods her head slightly.. smilng at shroud and the room..

Bowyn and Shroud

* Shroud smiles softly at the goddess and spins.
(Ericah) spin de arm shroud
(Shroud) done
(Ericah) *and it spins*
* artemis nods her head slightly.. smilng at shroud and the room..
(Ericah) *and it spins*
(Ericah) *and it spins*
(Ericah) *and it slows to a stop*
(Ericah) *pointing at*
(Ericah) BOWYN
(Linz) hoooooooooooooNELLIE!!
(bowyn) oh dear god....
(artemis) oH MY GOD.. i can't leave NOW
(bowyn) *grin*
(Priesty) go for it
* Linz grins impishly
(SusiBrat) WOO HOO!!!
* DarkRaven toasts a glass of vhite wine in artemis' honor: "To a true goddess and to Shord: a true god"
* bowyn dies
(DarkRaven) Oh my!
* Linz grins so hard her ears fall off
(DarkRaven) I am going to die!
* DarkRaven dies
(Aery) WOOOO!
* artemis smiels at darkraven: thank you :)
* bowyn gets up and dusts himself off...
(Aery) CLEAR!
* Shroud turns his head slowly, his eyes falling on Bowyn.
* artemis smirks.. of course, shroud+anyone=WOOHOO
* SusiBrat pushes bowyn towards Shroud..
* Linz snickerty snickers
* bowyn checks his makeup in the mirror.....
(Linz) good point, artie :)
* Linz snickerty snickers
* Aery picks up Linz's ears and eats them
(DarkRaven) I know but Bowyn & shroud?
* bowyn licks his lips....
(bowyn) yeah...
* Shroud lets the wicked grin creep across his lips.
* artemis giggles at bowyn.. silly swain..
* Ericah lays back on the divan
* Linz pushes bowyn at shroud!
(bowyn) ex-swain, love.... *grin*
* artemis giggles at the boys.. falling back into her chair to watch as she fades out.. having to get back to aristotle..
* bowyn stands shyly....
* Ericah thinks about swains kissing swains. . . ohhhh!
* Shroud rises slowly from his spot near the arm, to his full 6'5". and walks slowly to Bowyn.
* bowyn lets his hair fall to hide his face...
* bowyn full red lips quiver....
* Shroud reaches his long fingers out, brushing the hair to the side, and traces his fingers down bowyns cheek to his chin.
* Ericah hands DarkRaven some valium
* bowyn looks at the ground...
* DarkRaven thanks Ericah.
* Shroud tilts bowyns head up.
* bowyn shyly looks away...
* bowyn smiles nervously....
(bowyn) *gulp!*
* Shroud locks eyes with bowyn, as he turns bowyns face to face his own.
(bowyn) *gulp!*
(bowyn) .........be gentle.....
* DarkRaven uses the valium to it's full extent and shifts her position to sit upon the comfort of feathers on the couch.
* Shroud hold out his arms, as he stares deep into bowyn, "Enter the darkness of my soul, I welcome you with open arms."
* Shroud's words the merest whisper.
* Aery giggles
* bowyn nibbles Shroud's finger....
* Ericah smirks,
* DarkRaven now knows WHY shroud is the most revered man next to Emrys. OH MY GOD!
(SusiBrat) Next too??
* bowyn waits nervously, Shrouds finger in his mouth.....
* Linz 's jaw hits the ground and she passes out
(Linz) hot DAMN!
* Linz lies out cold on the ground
* Shroud 's arms stay open, waiting for bowyn to enter of his own free will.
* Ericah drags out the smelling salts
* bowyn removes the finger and looks into Shroud's eyes... "Careful lest my own darkness eclipse yours...."
* SusiBrat feels the passion building between bowyn and Shroud as she melts onto the floor.
(Shroud) Come to me bowyn.
* bowyn takes Shroud's left hand and lightly strokes the paml with his tonuge.....
* Linz tries to revive herself, but the passion makes her pass out again...
* Priesty lights a smoke
* Linz bums a cig off of priesty (thanks)
(Linz) heh
* Ericah giggles at Fant, and looks over to see if Bowyn got any closer to Shroud.
(DarkRaven) Fant: *Heehee* I'll have to see Emrys and Shroud go at it. :)
* Linz giggles madly
* Linz looks at bowyn.... WELL????
* bowyn stands on his tiptoes...
(bowyn) take me....
(bowyn) break me...
(bowyn) make me yours....
* Shroud enfolds bowyn in his long arms. Leaning down he brushes his lips across bowyns.
* bowyn leans back and moves his lips along Shroud's
* Shroud whispers "So be it" and clutches Bowyn close, his long nails dig deep into bowyns back as his kiss seems to engulf bowyn.
(Priesty) yeah
* DarkRaven is in awe
* bowyn arches his back and moans loudly!
* DarkRaven sighs and slumps into the folds of the plush couch
* Shroud nips at bowyns tongue, as he kisses him deeply.
* Ericah leers at Bowyn and Shroud
* bowyn grasps Shrouds lower lip between his teeth...
* bowyn sucks on Shrouds lower lip gently...
* Ericah 's face goes several shades pinker.
* Shroud curls his fingers into bowyns hair as he plunges his tongue deep into bowyns mouth and draws the air from him.
* Ericah dies
(Aery) CLEAR
(Linz) CLEAR!
* bowyn wraps his arms around shroud and presses into him....
* Ericah dies again, too much lectricity
(DarkRaven) CLEAR!
* bowyn works his tongue wildly....
* Shroud breaks the kiss and nips at bowyns neck just under the chin working his way down to the base of his neck.
* Linz watches shroud and bowyn intensly
* bowyn arches his neck back.. "YEs! YEs!"
* Shroud traces his tongue up to the soft spot just below bowyns ear and then bites softly at his ear.
* Shroud rakes his nails the length of bowyns back.
* bowyn traces his tongue along shroud's face...
* bowyn pulls back and presses his lips to Shroud's neck...
* Shroud quickly turns bowyns head and kisses him hard and deep.
* bowyn flicks histongue along Shrouds teeth,...
* bowyn presses his lips harder....
* Shroud clutches bowyn close as he inhales deeply, drawing bowyns air out, nips at his tongue and then abruptly lets go of bowyn and steps back.
(Shroud) Your turn.
* bowyn stands shyly....
* Linz is melted into a puddle of gook on the floor
* Shroud smiles at bowyn wickedly, his eye flickering.
(Shroud) Spin.
* bowyn grins quickly and then grabs the bunny arm.....

Fantasm and Shroud

* Aery dies just thinking about it
(Ericah) CLEAR
(Aery) ACK!
(Ericah) Spin, Aery
*** Aery is now known as Fantasm
(Fantasm) Aery grins
* Shroud backs away slowly, and winks back.
* SusiBrat enjoys the very passionate kisses...
(Ericah) Spin de arm, Shroud
(SusiBrat) *sigh*
* Shroud spins.
(Ericah) *and it spins*
(Ericah) *and it spins*
(Fantasm) what am I doing here?
(Ericah) *and it spins*
* Shroud snickers
(Ericah) *and it slows to a stop*
(Ericah) *pointing at*
(Ericah) FANTASM
* Shroud grins at Fantasm.
(Fantasm) Aery: WOOOOOOOOOOOO!
(Shroud) Being kissed by me.
(Fantasm) IT WAS FIXED!
(Fantasm) IT WAS FIXED!
(Fantasm) IT WAS FIXED!
(Ericah) w0000000p!!!!!!!
* Fantasm ponders for a second
(bowyn_) fate..
(Ericah) Hey, my room, my rules. SHut up and let the boy kiss ya
(Shroud) It pays to know the Bunny Arm Goddess.
(Fantasm) um... are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Shroud?
(DarkRaven) *heehee*
(Fantasm) You're trying to seduce me, Mr. Shroud.
(DarkRaven) Swain kissing Swains. What a loverly art.
(DarkRaven) Lovely even
* Ericah thinks about Fantasm kissing Shroud. . . . ohhhhh!
* Shroud walks slowly over to Fantasm. "No need for the `Mr'".
(Fantasm) Aery: it's been too damned long since swains kissed swains
* Ericah shuts up now.
(Shroud) We are all friends here.
* Fantasm puckers up
* Shroud wraps his arms slowly about Fantasm.
(Fantasm) Aery gets ready to die
* Ericah gets the defib ready
(Fantasm) Who's gonna defrib Eri?
(Ericah) shut up and KISS!
* Fantasm wraps his arms around Shroud's neck
* Shroud runs his long nails up Fantasms back and into his hair as he leans forward, a breath away from his lips.
* Fantasm purrs beneath his breath
* Shroud brushes his lips across Fantasms cheek to his ear, whispering softly, "It's been a long time. . . to long" he nibbles fantasms ear.
* Fantasm is thinking, "take the picture already, I can't hold this pose forever"
* Shroud traces his tounge down the side of Fantasms neck then up the middle to his chin, coming to rest, once more, a breath from his lips.
* Ericah falls off the divan.
* Aery picks Eri up and puts her back on the divan
* SusiBrat fans Ericah and reaches for the smelling salts.
* Shroud kisses Fantasm gently, holding him close.
* artemis has returned.
* Priesty changes pants
(artemis) oh my my my.. swain kissin!
(bowyn_) artie is late... *grin*
* Fantasm returns the kiss softly and tries to hide his woody
(Fantasm) Aery: Hmmm I wonder WHERE he wants to hide it......?
* Ericah just plain dies
(bowyn_) ack!
* Shroud whispers, "yes indeed. . . toooooo long. . ."
* artemis rolls her eyes at fanty pooh.. hee hee..
(Fantasm) CLEAR!!!
* Shroud turns and walks away.
* SusiBrat starts mouth to mouth on Ericah.
(DarkRaven) CLEAR!
(Ericah) ACK!
* Ericah gasps, "Fantasm, spin:
* artemis goes and sits by her favorite former swain bowyn
* Fantasm leaps from his feet and tackles Shroud down to the ground, rolls him over and straddles him...
* bowyn_ grins at susi...
* Shroud snickers.
(Ericah) ot just tackle shourd
* artemis nibbles on bowyn's ear.. what's that about no out of turn kissing?
(Fantasm) Aery: WOOOHOOOO!
* SusiBrat smirks at bowyn_ "jealous?"
(Ericah) shroud.
(Shroud) Your turn Fant.
(Ericah) aiiie
(Fantasm) No, Shroud, I believe it's your turn, big boy...
* Fantasm snogs Shroud to death
(Fantasm) undeath
(Fantasm) vhatevah
(Ericah) snogs?!
(bowyn_) Swain Snoggin!
* Fantasm cracks his knuckles
(bowyn_) Get a picture!
(Ericah) I hereby ban the usage of the word SNOG in STBA
(Ericah) Rule 17.6
(artemis) ouch, ericah.. alittle touchy?
* bowyn_ looks at ericah in horror...
* Fantasm tunes Ericah's radio
(Priesty) i second it ricah
* artemis touches ericah.. yep, touchy..
(Fantasm) um.... spins her arm

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