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Hello again, and welcome to this edition of "As the VampyreTurns"...

I have been asked to explain the nature of the Snog, for thosewho may be Snoggishly-Impaired.

If you want the definition, ala Webster's third Edition:

Snog: [Brit slang] to kiss, fondle, or cuddle.

The #Alt.Vampyres version (first introduced by Bowyn), however, is a little more fun. We snog noisily, and sloppily, all of our friends - at somepoint in their illustrious IRC career. The fair Aeryalhas her ugs (tm), but she also snogs. We all snog. SusiNeito is known to snog and cop a feel (her trademarked move). Snog is good, and right. And always remember, it's never safe to snog an alligator. (or indeed a gorilla sporting a velvetcheesegrater)...

I can see that I'm beginning to spout non-sense today...cheers everyone.

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