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A Guide, or Set of Rules, or Something

(excerpted from a post from the lovely and all powerful MrsFoo and edited by artemis)

This is a guide to our lovely #alt.vampyres channel, sortof a hitchhiker's guide, if you will...

  • Marius: Space is really big...(no wait, wrong guide). Here is a living bot. No really, he's on more than the bot (and catching up with Priest in the "sit on my computer and read when nobody else is on the channel, just to say I've been here the longest" mode). He's changed his name more times than Dolly Parton's heaving chest has jiggled. Don't blink, or you'll miss it again.

  • Weird newbie netsexxers: Well, what can you say? You sit there having an intelligent conversation with Cathari on the virtues of ho hos, when you decide that it will be more fun to raid the sex channels.... /nick hohowoman, you say? Well, you do run into some amusing little gormless gits whose first words to you are "are you m or f? what do you look like? my penis is 8 inches". Tis nothing compared to Cathari's Penis, let me tell you.

  • Lag monster: Beware of this evil beast, for he will cause great distress. He's related to the Scroll beast, who will make your screen run away, with you holding on for dear life.

  • Topic WarZ: well, the ops get really bored and obnoxious. When that happens, they have topic wars...they change the topic every two seconds, thus conjuring the Scroll beast. Watch out. See kick.

  • Kick: Everyone's favorite game. Random Beavis and Butthead Kick #11. This happens to People who get overly annoying, whicst two seconds or not...

  • FUCK!!: what Cathari says when desnoirs hasn't been on or when Kashie is in pain. Happens at least three times a day.

  • Ack!! an all encompassing term. Sort of like "dude" for surfers.

Ack layters.

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