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Famous Last Words

Every now and then someone says something just so outrageous or so profound, you have to stop and grab a tissue to dry the tears of laughter. Here collected are some quotes from various denizens, thanks to Cathari and myself (and you can contribute some too! just email me!!).

(aesthetic) life is like a porno, to get to the good stuff ya gotta fastfoward through the slow talking parts.

(Euronymus) I am god.

*Aery slips Midd the tongue.
*Middnyte bites the tongue in half.
*Aery tries to tawk wif haf a tung.

* jetgirl passes the bong.
(jetgirl) take it luke -- give into the dark side.

(priest) #twilight_zone has about 50 ircops there.
(priest) and i am enemies with about 49 of them.

(MeGiDDo) There is no FUCKING COOKIE!
(Linz) There is a FUCKING COOKIE!

(DrAvlnche) I'm not afraid of God of the Devil. If there's anything I'm afraid of it's Kaiser Soze.

(Euronymus) I am, after all, the Public Whore.
(Sedated) but does he swallow?

(Kashie) She said poop
(Marius) poop tinkle tinkle plop
(Kashie) He said poop

(Priest) Why?

(Takhisis) I demand to be spanked with order forms for high-quality merchandise!

Marius on legalizing pot...
(Marius) imagine a world where you have to go 'Hey man, got a buck for the pot machine? I need exact change'
(Marius) IT'll SUCK

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