history and hijinks

February 24, 1999
as logged by Ginger/epiphonic

<artemis> labia.
<epiphonic> LABIA
* epiphonic laughs
* artemis points at epiphonic -> labia
<Chiller> Er - yes artefarte, but why labia, why now?
* epiphonic cuddles artis labia
* Chiller blinks
*** Chiller is now known as clit
<Low_Tek> hahahaha
<clit> Hey, let's all play. :)
<epiphonic> Arti, I got my labia to hold a book last night
<artemis> oh yeah.
*** epiphonic is now known as Labia
<_outcast_> heh
<artemis> labia and clit, these are a few of my favorite things.
* Labia curls around clit
<clit> Go on guys - SOMEone be foreskin. :)
<artemis> epi: that's astouding!  you should go on some kind of show.
<Labia> Mine too arti!
*** Low_Tek is now known as foreskin
<Labia> Arti *gryn*
* Labia laughs
<clit> HAhahah
*** Mekshepah is now known as glans
* artemis shakes her head and stays herself.
* foreskin has fun with Labia and Clit
* Labia jumps on the foreskin
*** Sidd (sidd@prog170.modem.xmission.com) has joined #alt.vampyres
* Labia rides foreskin
*** foreskin sets mode: +o Sidd
<clit> Heeheee!
<clit> Hey Sidd
<Labia> hi sidd
* clit bounces on glans
<Gabriel-> You people need professional help
* Labia squeezes clit
<clit> Gabe, yeah - so?
* glans pounces at labia
* foreskin fences with Glans
* clit throbs at foreskin
* glans needs no help
* Labia takes slit, foreskin and glans into the closet
<Labia> clit even
<clit> Aw, MAN, I can't handle another night of laughing as hard as I 
did LASt night - it nearly killed me
<Sidd> nice nick low
<clit> Sidd - go for it - you could be a gonad!
* foreskin *pokes* clit
<clit> And nobody is a testicle yet. :(
*** Labia is now known as Clitoris
<glans> or maybe scrotum
<Clitoris> Big Clit, and Little clit
* clit swells engagingly
*** Sidd is now known as erect
<clit> Hahahah
* clit leers clitorally at Clitoris
*** foreskin changes topic to 'We need more body parts!!'
<erect> now I can be a total dickhead
*** Clitoris is now known as Nipplez
<Nipplez> Rub me
* Nipplez hard
<clit> Gabe - how about being a prostate or something?
<lydia> this is too much
* clit rubs nipplez
<Nipplez> woot!@#$
* foreskin pokes Nipplez
* Nipplez slowely jiggles tot akhi
<clit> I can't take it any MORE! 
*** clit is now known as Chiller
<Chiller> HAhHAAH
*** foreskin is now known as Shaft-
*** Nipplez is now known as Rellihc
<glans> damn right
<artemis> you're gonna give me a heart attack.
*** Rellihc is now known as Thighz
<Shaft-> someone use me!
* Shaft- sits up
*** artemis is now known as g-spot
<Shaft-> =]
*** glans is now known as Mekshepah
* Gabriel- shakes his head and goes up to his corner in the rafters
*** Chiller is now known as tongue^
<_outcast_> shaft, he's one bad mutha *watch yo mouth* momma i'm tlkaing 
about shaft
*** erect is now known as Badmutha
*** Thighz is now known as Clit
<tongue^> Nobody thought of tongue!
* tongue^ slurps all available body parts
*** Antiher0 (antiher0@sdn-ar-002gaatlaP282.dialsprint.net) has joined 
* Clit looks at tongue and swells tightly
* g-spot eludes tongue
<Shaft-> woowoo!
*** Cock (RedOmega@user-38lc8n9.dialup.mindspring.com) has joined 
<Antiher0> sup
<_outcast_> nada
<g-spot> *lol*
<tongue^> HAHHAHAHAH
<Clit> ANTI!@#$%
<Cock> sup
*** g-spot is now known as artemis
<Badmutha> hey anti
<Antiher0> heyaz
<artemis> this is not happening :)
<tongue^> We're just conversing quietly as usual ...
*** Antiher0 is now known as Penis_
*** Clit sets mode: +o Penis_
*** Badmutha is now known as erect
* Clit grynz
* tongue^ runs up and down penis
<tongue^> Hahahaha
*** Penis_ is now known as orgy_
<erect> damnit! I'm erect!
<artemis> nicksex??
* erect ion
* Clit sets mode +rub penis
<Mekshepah> ahh fuck 
*** _outcast_ is now known as _Ballz_
<Shaft-> mek, yup!
<Mekshepah> wait...
*** Garrison (~srendpty@ppp37.s8.pgh.net) has joined #alt.vampyres
* Shaft- joins Ballz
*** erect sets mode: +o Garrison
<tongue^> Hee - yeah Arte!
*** orgy_ is now known as dildo_
<Garrison> Hi all.
<Shaft-> heya Garr, good timing
* Cock wants ops
<tongue^> Evening Garrison :)
<Shaft-> =]
<artemis> run, garrison.  nicksex has taken over.
<artemis> dream on cock
<artemis> :)
*** Clit is now known as CUNT-
<tongue^> Garrison, quick, become a body part!  (it's me, Chiller)
* Garrison strips in front of the computer.
* CUNT- finds a shaft
*** tongue^ sets mode: +o Cock
<dildo_> heh
<tongue^> Hey, who's the cunt?
* Garrison would recognize you anywhere, tongue.
<Cock> I am cock!! I will insert my head, and insert it into Cunt-!
* Shaft- sits up straight
* Cock inserts himself in CUNT-
*** Mekshepah is now known as cigar
* tongue^ moistens a top lip in antici ....pation
<_Ballz_> heh
* CUNT- rides cock
<Shaft-> hahhahaha
* dildo_ starts to vibrate
* erect visits tongue
* artemis decides now is a good time to leave.
<cigar> Anybody for a smoke?
* _Ballz_ swings freely
* Garrison falls over laughing.
*** tongue^ is now known as Chiller
* Cock smoker
* Shaft- tastes cigar, mmm tastes good
*** cigar is now known as Mekshepah
<Chiller> Gawd, I can't keep doing that.  It was OK when I was clit, but 
being tongue is sort of dul without a WHOLE body to play with. ;)
* artemis hugs all the, um, people
*** artemis has quit IRC (Leaving)
* Garrison grins at Chiller.
*** CUNT- is now known as epiphonic
<Mekshepah> Only here....
*** dildo_ is now known as jesus-
<Garrison> Well, I thought about foot, since so many people have foot 
*** Shaft- is now known as Low_Tek
*** erect is now known as Siddneyy
* Chiller snogs Jesus, on principle
* Garrison had best finish changing, though.
<jesus-> this is your lord and savior jesus christ speaking.. I dont 
approve of this behavior
*** _Ballz_ is now known as _outcast_
<_outcast_> hmmmmm
*** jesus- is now known as Antiher0

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