history and hijinks

Tale of the Newbie Roast

as told by MrsFoo

Well, I got bitched at (thanks Aery, ya hoho) because I forgot tomention that in the beginning (when there was light, and all waspeachy in the world of vampyres), we had a Newbie count.What I mean by the Newbie count is...well... That first week,we already had regulars on the channel (sorry for not mentioning you before Artie!! the life of Alt.V's Social Secretary is a long and tedious one sometimes, ya know)... The week the channelwas so young, and still cried out for mommy, we kept having newbiesshow up.

That, in itself, we never minded. But somehow we managed to scareoff quite a lot of them simply for the content of our silliness atthe time. By the time a whole slew of unsuspecting mortals fell into our little haven, we sprang forth with an idea!! We would start a countdown to the 100th newbie scared off. I thnk we lostcount around 25, so there was a fair bit of cheating...and well...

Suffice it to say, there is just about any excuse we'll have for a net party.

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