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#Alt.Vampyres Awards - II

Tired of looking at the old awards, on February 24, 1996 we sat down (well, we were already sitting I guess) and came up with some new awards that better reflect our current state of fucked-upness.

Best Bot:

Phelan, by default.

Better Than a Bot:

Marius, now that he's back again.

Better Than a Desynched Bot:


Best Bot Owner:

Moonwolf. She rocks everyone's world.

Best Master Op:

What's a MasterOp? Do we actually have one anymore?

Most Kicked:

Kashie. C'mon, everyone has typed this at least once: /kick * Kashie shaddap jock. (ed note from kashie: I never did... :P)

Most Often Automatically Set Away:
Bryce. Maybe if he actually talked now and then..

Most Annoying Spam:

MeGiDDo, "most unique scripts."

Most Popular Reply On #Alt.V:

Like, kewl. Heh.

Most Unique Keys:

MeGiDDo, you KNoW WHaT i MeaN?

Most Daring Piercings:

MlleFoo, the nipple, tongue, and navel!

Best #Alt.V Snack Food:

Ho-Ho's. They just never get old.

Best Fast Food:

Taco Bell. MeGiDDo and Elana are going to have it cater their wedding.

Most Split Personalities:

Kashie/Lanfear/etc.. but with an honorable mention to Sableagle/Sableasy/FishFish/Luggage.

Most Manic-Depressive:

Marius, Mr. "I'm depressed. I'm bouncing off the walls. Wait, I'm depressed again."

Bitchiest Channel Denizen:

Cathari, again. Who else would this be?!

Biggest Tease:

Euronymous. I had the bruises to prove it.

Biggest Flirt:

Aelf, with honorable mentions to artemis (called the Queen of Flirting by Betsie)

Hottest Available Denizen:

Marius, even though he's working on not being single. But - WOOHOO! Have you seen this boy?!

Rookie Slut of the Year:

Marius. From shy lurker to changing the topic to "Have sex now, ask me how!"

Most Annoying Nick:

Tzimisce. Can anyone pronounce this right?

Most Picky

Euronymous. And I am not changing his page anymore.

Most Sickening #Alt.V Couple:

Cathari and MeGiDDo

Sweetest Couple:

Fugue and Syche. Happy-ever-after type stuff here.

Most Pinched Ass

Euronymous. Everyone at the party got their hand on the boy's butt!

Best #Alt.V-Related Webpage:

artemis. The only one in existence, duh.

Biggest #Alt.V Related Phone Bill:

Fantasm and Aery - still.

Quickest Phone Card Max-Out:

Linz - in ten days!

Biggest Phone Slut:

MeGiDDo who has talked to just about everyone so far...

Best Voice:

Much to MeGiDDo's dismay, this goes to Aelf!

Biggest #A.V Meeting:

The New Year's Party in Atlanta. Well, until Dragon*Con in Atlanta.

Most Hospitable Hostess:

SusiNeito and her wonders at New Year's!

Biggest Spazz:

DarkRaven's reaction to horny

Biggest Rack:

Linz. 38DD the poor woman!

Cutest Butt:

RavenSt - ask Josephe.



Dirty Dairy Product Award:

Marius. Cheese. Gouda. You know it.

Favorite Channel Game:

Doing stupid things just for the web page. Uh, yeah, like this.

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