history and hijinks

The History of #Alt.Vampyres

as told by MrsFoo, Aery, artemis and others who have added their two cents...

#Alt.vampyres was started many moons ago by Shroud, moonwolf, Emrys, and Aery on the first night, and josephe/jetgirl was there the second night, soon followed by Ericah and artemis and everyone else. At first there were food fights and ducttaping a certain few personages to the wall. Then came the dry ice and the gerbilators. We blew things up quite a bit, including some unfortunate playboy bunnies. Someone found a bunny arm, then decided that we should spin it and kiss whoever it pointed to...thus was borne "Spin the Bunny Arm". From that game there sprang forth the swains and the vixens and all the game playing that followed. Of course, we built up our channel into a grande home - the bar, the stage, the rafters (where moonwolf and mrs. foo could often be found), the stuffed gorillas, the crimson divan, the beanbags,the hot tub, the bat in the foyer, and many other strange and wonderful things. Some of the original denizons of the channel are Ericah (sometimes Saundra), Shroud, Aeryal, Moonwolf, Screams, Sanguin, MrsFoo, Priest, Stasia (lost, but not forgotten), Othello (also disappeared to we know not where), Logan, EuronymOus, artemis, and many others. The cast constantly changes, but the show is always the same...it just keeps hanging on for dear life as it grows into monstrous proportions.

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