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Awards (VI) - Con Awards/Pre-Millenial Madness

as recorded and collected by Takhisis
July 11-12, 1999

Longest in Channel Without Going to Con: Ratzmaru
Most Likely to Stare at a Redhead: Stef
Most Likely to Make Comments About Women's Chests: Stef
Most Likely to Get Thwapped in Real Life: Stef
Hardest Corset to Remove: Takhisis
Most Likely to Resemble a Pet Shop Boy: Rivian
Most Likely to Get Left Behind: Gibby
Always in the Con Bar: Dreamy
Most Likely to Be Referred to as "Friends With Gibby": Dreamy
Most Likely to Pull a "Couple Disappearing Act": Dreamy/Nik
Coolest Weapons: Grey_Mist
Kewlest Hair: Beleth
Most Muppet-Like Hair: Gibby
Most Likely to Trash a Bathroom: Ginger
Most Piercings: Ginger
Most Likely to be Killed With Pillows: Euronymous
Most Likely to Say He Won't Be At Con and Then Show Anyway: Morpheus_/Askelon (How many years running?)
Most Likely to Say He Will Be At Con and Then Not Show: Kesudar
Endorphin Queens: Takhisis & Artemis
Cutest Tail: Stef
Coolest Sibling of a Denizen: Jim Moore (brother of Persik)
Coolest S.O. of a Denizen: Mystery (ToRRY's GF)
Biggest Overall Flake: Kesudar
Emergency Money Hero: zyzzyva
Loudest Shirt: Machina
Most Likely to Commit Obscene Acts in Public: Machina
Most Likely to Suck Face in a Restaurant: Euronymous/Moonangel
Biggest Slut: Connie
Everyone Wished Was the Biggest Slut: Beleth
Most Likely to Eat Other People's Food: Gabriel
Most Likely to Buy Everyone a Drink: Stef
Most Likely to Do Something Entirely Too Sweet for a Female: Machina
Most Likely to Attempt a Southern/Scottish Accent When Drunk: Gabriel
Chillest Room: Beleth, Grey_Mist, Mekshepah
Best Drunk Scottish Accent: Beleth
Most Likely to be Crushed in the Back of a Car: Machina
Least Likely to Dance: Dreamy
Least Likely to Admit He Danced: Euronymous (to Ricky Martin!)
Best Quote Taker: Paden
Most Likely to Drag Someone to a Club and Leave Them There: Gibby
Most Likely to Secure the Perimiter: Tom_Vague
Most Likely to Get Hit On by R2D2: Artemis
Most Repeated Phrase: "SHADDAP SHUTTIN' UP!"
Most Likely to Spend Insane Amounts of Money at Con: IceWulf
Most Likely to Get Sucked Into the Group: Naile
Most Likely to Drop Cigs Off the 15th Floor Balcony: Kitan
Least Likely to Pull Off a Quiet Escape: Artemis
Best Pet: Dreamy's Goth Bunny
Most Likely to Get in a Yelling Match With Convenience Store Clerks: Chica & Ginger (PLASTIC...CUPS!!)
Loudest Snoring: IceWulf
Den Mother: Artemis
Most Able to Carry On Under Extreme Duress: Zuzu and Chiller
Most Likely to be Crushed By Gibby: Gabriel
Most likely to drink someone's wine: Takhisis
Most likely to freak out over a particular phrase: Stef
Cutest Hair in Braids: K-
Most Identical IRL and on IRC: Paden (*SPINS*)
Most Likely to Keep a Low Profile: Succubyss
Most Likely to Bring Pretentious Cigarettes: ryssa
Most Likely to Freak Out if She Misses "Buffy": Succubyss
Best Pants: ryssa
Best Dressed: Lyonene
Most Hit On by Random Strangers: Lyonene
Best Coat: Takhisis
Most Comments on Cleavage: Lyonene
"Where The Hell Did He Go?" Award: Low_Tek
Oddest Quotes: Tom_Vague
Most Likely to Borrow Clothes: zyzzyva
Count Vanilla: Kesudar
Most Likely to be Chewed On by Gabriel: Succubyss

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