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Awards (V) - Post Con Trauma

as recorded and collected by artemis
September 29-30, 1998

Rookies of the Year: Kesudar and Low_Tek
Cutest New Denizen: PixiVixen
Most Like a Bot: EthenHunt
Most Likely to be Lagged: Tseik and Stef
Many Happy Returns: benares (f/k/a Octavian)
So Long Suckers: Marius
Cathari (YEAH!)
Best Info Line: artemis, "kinkier than thou"
King of the Lurk: James_M
Best Vamp Flick: Blade
Best Music: Blood Dance Techno
Most Drunk: Benares
Best Online Death: EthenHunt
Channel Sacrificial Virgins: EthenHunt and DarkRaven
Most HotSex: artemis
Most (and Best) HotSexBaths: benares
Most Likely to Kill Someone for Calling Him Vanilla Ice: Kesudar
Most Evil Kabuki Anime: ToRRY
Most Coordinated Drunk: NiteShade
Most Likely to Be Mistaken for a Drunk While Sober: EthenHunt
Most Likely to Have Sex with the Bot: EthenHunt
Most Huggable: artemis
Most Bodily Fluid Jokes: IceWulf
Most Bodily Fluid...period: IceWulf
Most Likely to Sneak a Pic: Low_Tek
Channel Photographer/Camera Stud: Low_Tek
Most Likely to Stalk the Channel Denizens: Reft
Most Likely to Leave a Party Before It Gets Started: Suspiria and Persik
Most Likely to Throttle Someone For Giving Him a NickName: Euronymous, a/k/a "PerkyGoth"
Most Likely to Have her Ass Pinched: Gibby
Most Poke-able: NiteLite and Gibby
Best Looking in a Corset: Takhisis
Most Gothic Male: Gabriel
Most Gothic Female: Takhisis
Most Likely to Scare GothBois When Drunk: Takhisis
Most Sociable Goth Boy: ToRRY
Most Problems Involving a Balcony: Dreamy
Scariest Drink Makers: mfJames (with his swamp water)
NiteShade (with his Magical Elixir)
Best Drink: HotSex
Best Tail: Stef
Best Hair: Stef
Most Likely to Get Drunk First: Kashie
Most Evil Drinking Game: 3 Man
Best 3 Man: Kesudar
Channel Diet: coffee
(generally but not necessarily in that order)
Most Dangerous Weapon to Encounter at Con: Twizzlers
Most Likely to be Beaten with a Twizzler: EthenHunt
Most Inhumanly beautiful: Chiller
Most Likely to be Mistaken for Each Other: Takhisis and Dreamy
Forgotten Bet: The Blender Award
Most likely to drink someone's wine: Tak and zyzzyva
Most Likely to Molest Gabriel in the Near Future: Ginger
Most Piercings: Ginger (23 man-made holes in her body)
Most Rabbit-Like Couple: Stef and Chiller
Most Likely to Listen to You: Askelon_
Most Entertaining When He's Got A Story to Tell: Askelon_
Most Likely to Fuck Up an Airport Meeting: artemis and Takhisis
Least Likely to Be Where She Says She Will Be: artemis
Most Hostmasks: Sammygrrl
Most Likely to Change His Bio: Askelon_
Most Like a Lesbian Couple Without Being One: ryssa and artemis
Most Likely to Get Kicked: Madseason or Execution
Most Likely to Kill Someone for Taking Their Picture: Skor and Shadow
Most Likely to Kill Someone for Putting His Pic on the Web: Askelon_
Holds everyone in contempt: Euronymous and bleak-
Biggest Lameass Geek: bleak-
Best Drawl: Gabriel
Best Imitation Accents: Benares
Worst Accent While Drunk: Benares
Most Likely to Become Scarce: Askelon_
Most Likely to Try to Become Scarce and Fail: Askelon_
Prettiest in Pigtails: ToRRY
Best Ass Master: Ethen
Most Likely to Hide Euronymous' furniture: bleak-
Most Sheik: Takhisis, ryssa and artemis
Most Likely to Do Stupid Stuff When Asked: bleak-
Most Likely to Break a Lamp When Drunk: Kesudar and Lochlann
(when discussing Tae Kwon Do)
Most Likely to Give Out Her Phone Number While Drunk: artemis
Most Likely to Randomly Call: Dreamy
Most Likely to Keep You on the Phone until 4 AM: artemis
Most Likely to Resemble Grimace: NiteLite
Cutest Kittens: Suspiria and Persik
Most Hardships Endured Coming Back From Con: zyzzyva
Token Channel Vegan: zyzzyva
Most Likely to Miss Con and Awards: Machina
Longest Distance Call: Machina
Most #Alt.V Denizens in Different States on the Phone at One Time: Machina, nofun, Apoleia, artemis, and everyone else in artemis' room Wednesday night at Con.
Most Likely to Pay For Such a Phone Call: Apoleia
Most Like an Easle: Benares
Best Puking Radius: Euronymous
Quickest Puking Time Overall: IceWulf
Channel Kitty: Hylo
Most Original Smile: Paden
Best Grrl Kiss: PixiVixen
(according to Low_Tek)
Best Guy Kiss: NiteShade
(according to Low_Tek)
Most Susceptible to Hickeys and Bites Marks: Low_Tek
(second runner up: Kashie)
Most Typo-ed Nick: artemis
Most Imaginary Friends: nofun
Reddest Hair: Apoleia

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