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#Alt.Vampyres Awards - I

as told by Cathari
slightly outdated

Basically, one night elana, desnoirs, and marius were sitting aroundbeing jerks, and this happened. Artie joined in, too, and we came up with the following list. . .

Best Op:

Well, of course, we all had different ideas: mar wanted himself,desnoirs didn't know, and i said emrys.

Best Master Op:

Well, there are two masters. me and Emrys. i think we tiedbecause people were afraid i'd kick their butts or something.

Best #Alt.V Snack Food:

Ho hos. 'nuff said.

The Brats, #Alt.V Style:

Biggest brat: Emrys
Oldest brat: desnoirs
Silliest brat: fantasm

Most Over-Rated #Alt.V Activity:


Best Bot:

Phelan. Hell, he's the only one we've got right now.

Scariest Sight:

MrsFoo spazzing over a trip to texas.

Weirdest Moment On The Channel (there are actually three):

  • Aery realizing that, yes, there *IS* something outside her window.
  • That calm moment where elana takes in breath before around-by-round with desnoirs.
  • That moment when you feel that aliens have invaded the channel.

Favorite Channel Games:

  • Ho ho. ESPECIALLY when there's a shitload of people on thechannel.
  • Kick Wars.

Most Irritating Op:

Kashie-Whatever and her myriad health problems.

Longest in Coupledom

Priest and Betsie

Most Visible Couple:

elana and desnoirs

Bitchiest Channel Denizen:


Understudy for desnoirs:


Better Than a Bot:


Best #Alt.V-Related Webpage:


Biggest #Alt.V Related Phone Bill:


Most Fucked-Up Thing To Come Out of #Alt.V So Far:

Herrick's Law: 'When all else fails, blame it on Emrys.'

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